Project Showcase: Death & Co

Project Showcase: Death & Co

Los Angeles
Design: AAmp Studio
Showroom Partner: Newwall
Photography: Alex Day

Alongside our Toronto-based showroom partner Newwall, we had the pleasure of providing a customised wallpaper design to AAmp Studio (Toronto) for their recent project with Death & Company – a subterranean bar in Los Angeles’ Arts District.

The project included two bars flanking a central service core. Each bar takes cues from Death & Co’s spaces in New York and Denver while incorporating playful and patterned elements that reflect Los Angeles.

Death & Co - Sediment Wallpaper

We were briefed by AAmp Studio to customise our Sediment wallpaper in the rich, saturated colours of deep burgundy descending through to a deep purple then black. Our design was installed on the walls behind pullman booths strategically tucked between large columns throughout the space.

The result is a wonderfully intimate, immersive and emotive space.

Death & Co - AAmp Studio - Sediment

Custom Design
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