Designer Profile: Kelly Hohla

Designer Profile: Kelly Hohla

Function, form, and beauty are the foundations of Kelly Hohla's design philosophy. Kelly has over 23 years experience designing successful high-end residential projects for clients in San Francisco, Sonoma, Tahoe, Montana, Wyoming, Seattle, New York, Hawaii and beyond.

Whether contemporary or traditional, Kelly Hohla Interiors focus on attention to fine details and craftsmanship, proportion, space and light, well-edited forms and materials, high style, tailored comfort, and a little unexpected edge.

Our wallpaper regularly adorns the walls of Kelly's interiors so we took the opportunity to talk to Kelly about design, inspiration and some of her recent projects.

How long have you been in business?
I have been working in Interior Design for about 23 years

How would you describe your design aesthetic?
We range from contemporary eclectic mixes, to classic architecture with fresh updates. All of our interiors, whether contemporary or traditional, focus on attention to fine details and craftsmanship, proportion, space and light, well-edited forms and materials, high style, tailored comfort, and a little unexpected edge.

Can you describe your design development process?
We start by getting to know the clients, and start with their likes. We’re always here to serve the client’s vision, and they have hopefully chosen to work with us because our voice speaks to them, and they can see something in the work that they admire. Every project is a different collaboration, built from the client’s personality and our team’s vision of how to bring that to life in our point of view.

What inspires your ideas for each project?
The clients, and the many artisans that we collaborate with.

What are the values or ethos that drive your work?
Even though we’re privileged to work at a very high level, we’re very grounded, real, and hands-on as a team. I believe that this honesty and realness enables our clients to really trust us, know that we care, and feel that they are in good hands.

Tell us about a recent project that you are proud of. What was your vision for the space?
We completed work on a historical home in Seattle. The goal driven by the client was to balance the original home’s personality- and make it more contemporary for their young family. It was a lovely client, and a great construction and architectural team as well!

Seattle Project (Photo - Aaron Leitz) 

Tell us about the pieces that you have chosen and/or created for the space?
The home had a lot of brass, black, and white throughout - mixed with jewel tones. The architectural details paid respect to the original home’s Mediterranean Revival bones, and many of the furnishings were more contemporary with a hint of midcentury.

Seattle Project (Photo - Aaron Leitz)  

We love seeing Emma Hayes wallpapers being specified in your projects. Could you tell us what your favorite Emma Hayes design is and why?
River was my early favorite (I have it in my bedroom) - I love the large scale watercolor feel. My current fave is Sediment, because I love the range of color, and the soothing nature of the pattern.

River, pearl

What are you working on at the moment (that you can tell us about!)?
A stunning and neutral beach house, a gorgeous Victorian in the city that will be a colorful jewel box, and a mid-century home in the woods – to name a few of our favorites.

You are based in San Francisco, where should we eat / drink / do when we visit?
The office is based in San Francisco, but I live in Sonoma. In Sonoma, Kivelstadt is great for brunch, Scribe is my favorite for wine tasting, and Wit and Wisdom I love for date night out.