Inside: The Future Perfect

Inside: The Future Perfect

Following ICFF, we had the opportunity to visit The Future Perfect in the West Village. We've been wanting to visit for a while and finally made it on this trip.

This unique design destination seamlessly combines a showroom and gallery within a residential setting, offering visitors the chance to see exquisite pieces in a real-life context. The experiential and exclusive environment, housed in a beautifully renovated 1901 townhouse by iconic English architect David Chipperfield, created the perfect backdrop to view culturally significant works in an innovative way.

Our design highlights

Brick by Floris Wubben
One of the main exhibitions we adored was "Brick" by Dutch artist Floris Wubben. Drawing on the rich history of Dutch brickmaking, Wubben highlights the uniqueness of bricks sourced from local clay, resulting in visually uniform yet physically distinct pieces. His work fascinated us with its blend of historical reference and contemporary design. This exhibition underscores the beauty and versatility of a seemingly mundane material, transforming it into art.

Ben & Aja Blanc
The Penny Bun Lamp's by Ben & Aja Blanc stood out for their sophisticated design and nuanced use of ceramic glaze. These lamps illuminate their own forms, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow. The duo’s keen understanding of visual nuance and the potential of ceramic glaze results in pieces that are both functional and artistic.

Natalia Triantafylli
Bridging the gap between physical and digital creation, Natalia Triantafylli’s work results in hybrid objects that combine handmade ceramics with 3D-printed elements. This innovative approach creates pieces that are at once traditional and modern, offering a fresh perspective on design and making. We found Natalia’s pieces conceptually intriguing and uniquely beautiful.

Special Mention: Pinch
We discovered Pinch through the Future Perfect website as this work is being exhibited in the Los Angeles showroom. We are intrigued by this lighting made from banana fibres, a testament to the beauty of natural materials and sustainable practices. The Anders Pendant Light, with its intricate texture and warm glow, exemplifies Pinch's commitment to craftsmanship and eco-friendly design.

The Future Perfect's curated collection emphasizes the importance of specialty handmade pieces and craft, showcasing original and unique designs that push the boundaries of contemporary furniture and lighting.

Our visit was a rich source of inspiration, reinforcing our belief in the value of artisanal quality and the potential of innovative materials and methods. We left feeling invigorated and eager to incorporate these insights into our own work, continuing to explore the intersection of art, design, and sustainability.