ICFF 2024 - The Highlights

ICFF 2024 - The Highlights

A couple of weeks on, we’ve been reflecting on the great time we had at ICFF 2024. This year felt positive and productive, and we really enjoyed connecting with our industry friends, current and new.

This year marked a first-time collaboration with friends David Trubridge and Mokum/James Dunlop, bought together by Austin-based kiwi powerhouse John Cook from Wakanine.

Anne Stevenson (Mokum/James Dunlop), David Trubridge, John Cook and Emma.

We debuted five beautiful new designs at ICFF as well as celebrating our acoustics collection with Autex Acoustics at an event hosted by Benedict Hobson, co-CEO of Dezeen.

The overall atmosphere at ICFF 2024 was buoyant and positive, with Business of Home calling it "the most cohesive and energized fair since the Covid shutdown". Emerald Expositions (ICFF’s owner) reported a slight increase in attendance (13,000, up 8 percent from 2023). 

More importantly, the attendees included the right people: interior design professionals working on both residential and commercial projects throughout the USA and beyond, facilitating meaningful connections for exhibitors. 

We are already looking forward to 2025.

Design observations

Not only is ICFF an opportunity for us to connect, it’s also a time for us to be inspired, take in all the wonderful design bought by creative minds from around the world.

We asked Emma to pull together her main design takeaways and favourite designs from the event:

  • Innovative Materials: There was a notable emphasis on new and environmentally friendly materials, reflecting the industry's growing commitment to sustainability.
  • Craftsmanship and Handmade: A strong focus on craft, handmade items, and independent brands highlighted the value of artisanal quality and unique designs.
  • Sustainability: Sustainability remained at the forefront, with many designers exploring eco-friendly practices and materials.
  • 3D Printing: The presence of 3D printing continued to grow, demonstrating its potential in innovative design solutions.
  • Playful Design: Designers are embracing a playful approach, moving away from cold sophistication to fun and luxurious designs featuring curves and organic shapes.

Best in show

There was no shortage of exceptional design this year. Here are a few that piqued our interest.

Pern Baan
Pern Baan, led by designer Robert Sukrachand, is a Chiang Mai-based studio specializing in artisan-made lighting and home decor. Their designs blend influences from New York City and Thailand, focusing on creating pieces that foster connection and community through design. Pern Baan won the ICFF Editors award for best body of work. pernbaan.com

Molo, a Canadian design and production studio, is renowned for its elegant, expandable structures such as folding walls, paper furniture, and lighting. Their innovative designs balance between design, art, and architecture, featuring elegant, expandable structures that adapt to changing environment. Molo won four awards at ICFF including Editor’s Award for Best Booth. molodesign.com

Dooq, based in Portugal, is a design company dedicated to celebrating the luxury of living by crossing the boundaries between art and design. They are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and experimental approach to design. At ICFF they debuted the Cindy chair and Nouvelle Vague dinner table. dooqdetails.com

Lauren Goodman
Montreal-based Lauren Goodman creates sculptural furniture using discarded objects and renewable materials. Her latest collection, “Fresh Catch,” repurposes derelict lobster traps into functional and unique design pieces, emphasizing sustainability and ecological mindfulness. laurengoodman.com

MycoWorks, a San Francisco-based biomaterials company, develops premium natural materials using Fine Mycelium™, their patented technology. Their flagship product, Reishi, offers a new class of sustainable and durable materials suitable for haute couture and innovative design applications. mycoworks.com

Cooloo is dedicated to developing circular furniture and sustainable interior projects, emphasizing an endless lifecycle for materials. Their designs promote eco-friendly practices and innovative reuse of materials to create stylish and sustainable products. cooloo.nl

Laboratoire Textile
Laboratoire Textile is known for their meticulously handcrafted lamps, which are screenprinted and folded by hand. Their minimalist and graphic designs create warm, elegant lighting that combines balanced lines with a refined aesthetic. laboratoiretextile.ca

Material Opulence by Rhode Island School of Design
The Rhode Island School of Design’s “Material Opulence” display emphasised luxury and craft in furniture design. We loved the whole showcase which highlighted the innovative work of students who explore the intersection of tradition and modernity in design materials and techniques. There is such freedom to student work that can often get lost when real-world constraints like budgets and client demands take over, and this uninhibited creativity is very inspiring. wanteddesign2024.risd.edu