New Release - Wash

New Release - Wash

Inspired by heavy summer rain-laden skies and the abundance of water surrounding our island home. 

"The intention behind Wash was to create pieces that are gentle and immersive. I am interested in gentle shifts of tone that submerge the viewer in colour and feeling." - Emma Hayes

Wash features gentle layers of watercolour that create an immersive environment capturing the essence of water and light, taking inspiration from Rothko and his contemplative works of colour.

wash wallpaper, colour clay, emma hayes
Wash, clay

 Wash Emma Hayes Inspiration

"The works of Rothko inspire me for many reasons; his intention was to evoke emotional reactions to his work, the tension between something that looks simple yet is complex to create, the immense scale of his works and the space for spirituality within a work how it can create a contemplative experience." - Emma Hayes

wash wallpaper emma hayesWash, ink

wash wallpaper colour olive, emma hayesWash, olive

Layers of colour emerge to light, creating a beautiful blend of artistry and calm, Wash comes in five colourways - Buff, Clay, Ink, Olive and Plum.

Emma Hayes wash samples

Wash is available on a non-woven pearl paper with subtle lustre suitable for residential and light commercial use, along with a commercial grade substrate for heavy duty traffic areas. Samples are available through our website and via our showrooms.

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