Beautiful artworks collide with beautiful acoustics

Beautiful artworks collide with beautiful acoustics

Introducing a first-time collaboration between Emma Hayes and Autex Acoustics®, combining beautiful design with high performance acoustic solutions—utlising the best attributes of both brands.

Created to help build environments with a natural feel, the Autex Acoustics® x Emma Hayes range is designed to help form places of beauty with innovative acoustic treatments, giving subtle character while creating a space where anyone can achieve a sense of zen, focus and serenity. The collection includes eight designs which are manufactured as acoustic panels.

Biophilic design played a big role in this project as both parties had the natural environment as a core influence. The collection challenges the nature of traditional acoustic material with discreet functionality – literally bringing the notion of ‘quiet decoration’ to a space.

“This collaboration has been a great way to complement the strongest features of both of our products. Together they create functional artwork fit for a range of spaces.” says Autex Acoustics®  Head of Product Development, Alex Buckman

Emma’s inspiration is largely drawn from where she lives and works, with all her designs starting by hand—from paintings, drawings, and mark-marking generated in response to the surrounding scenery. Each design is influenced by the many unique and varied landscapes of New Zealand.

Designers Alex Buckman and Emma HayesDesigners Alex Buckman and Emma Hayes

Central to the Autex Acoustics® x Emma Hayes collaboration is sustainable product design. Both brands work to actively reduce their impact on the environment evidenced by the fact that this entire range is carbon neutral. These actions work to fight against climate change for the betterment of future generations. This was made clear when speaking to Emma.

“We have been long inspired by Autex Acoustics® , their innovation in product development and creating sustainable and ethical acoustic solutions. I’m impressed with Autex Acoustics® ongoing commitment in both upcycling and recycling products in order to extend its circularity, along with their exploration of new materials and processes in this space."

This is an authentically New Zealand inspired project, combining the influence of the varied landscapes as interpreted by Emma Hayes and an industry leading textile manufacturer in Autex Acoustics® .

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About Autex Acoustics®
Autex Acoustics® is a New Zealand-made global brand that creates inspiring products for spaces where people come together to work, learn, and live. Specified in commercial spaces globally, carbon-neutral Autex Acoustics® products reduce and control reverberated noise and echo within an area. They’ve worked with worldwide brands like Spotify, Apple, and Google to create enriching spaces. You can see their work in New Zealand projects like MediaWorks, Commercial Bay, and the Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre.