New Release ~ Wash, reef

New Release ~ Wash, reef

Our popular design Wash, is now available in a new colourway - Reef.

This new colourway was released in collaboration with David Trubridge to celebrate 21 years of David’s original pendant light design, Coral.

Created in deep sea tones, Reef is inspired by our South Pacific surroundings emphasising the concerns David has raised about the threats our coral reefs face.

Design New Zealand exhibition at ICFF 2024

While the Coral pendant light celebrates the beauty of coral, it also draws attention to the environmental challenges that coral reefs face. Coral reefs are under threat from a range of environmental factors, including climate change, ocean acidification, overfishing, and pollution.

The Coral pendant light serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting our oceans and the fragile ecosystems they support. By promoting sustainable design and raising awareness of environmental issues, designers like David Trubridge are helping to ensure that we can enjoy the beauty of coral for generations to come. 


Wash now comes in seven colourways - Plum, Buff, Clay, Ink, Olive, Cigar and Reef.

A mural design – floor to ceiling panels are custom printed to fit your wall space.

Wash is available on a non-woven pearl paper with subtle lustre suitable for residential and light commercial use and a commercial-grade substrate for heavy-duty traffic areas. Samples are available through our website and via our showrooms.

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